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One of the primary benefits of this tool is you don't have to rely on this tool to perform your visualizations! The output is specifically constructed to allow you to generate it and then view it any way you want through the Architecture Explorer. By default the output file is output.dgml. To load it into the Architecture Explorer, simply click Select Files... under the File System node shown in Figure 1 and select the file. This will display a list of all items in the file.

Figure 1 - Initial view of the Architecture Explorer

After performing this step you can filter each successive group. For instance, the third box contains all work items, changesets and files in my output - I only want to see my user stories. Figure 2 shows how to filter each box.

Figure 2 - Filtering a selection box in AE

Click the filter icon and select the items you want to see. This leads to the view shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 - Subsequent selections in AE

Once you select a story you will see the valid Inbound and Outbound navigation options in the next pane. Here you can see that the selected story has outbound connections for Children, Successors and is Tested By something and inbound connections for other items. Selecting Child shows the two Tasks which are children and selecting Task 1 shows that it has changesets associated with it and a parent. Using the two icons on the upper left of the Architecture Explorer you can generate your own graphs and gradually grow them as needed.

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