There are three distinct methods for using the Work Item Visualization tool.
  • State Visualization
    • I originally created this in the hopes of being able to add this visualization to a work item but for Release 1 of the architecture tools you can't re-use the DGML drawing surface. Hopefully when you can this will provide more benefit. For right now it provides an easy way to visualize your work item history.
  • Work Item Analysis
    • This allows you to view all links to and from any selected work items and will crawl all related work items
  • Dependency Analysis
    • This is the primary reason why I wrote the tool. I wanted to be able to say that a change to a requirement was likely to effect X number of other requirements and have a large or small impact. For the most part I succeeded but I think more can be done. The way the tool works in this mode is that it attaches every file from any work item related to a top level work item directly to that top level work item (the theory being that most top level work items are requirements) so that analyzing a change to one file shows business impact.

All of these usages are described on their individual pages and images show the actual output with different options selected.

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