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Please note that this project will not be continuing. With the release of of the Architecture Explorer Work Item Extension for Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate, I will be focusing more of my effort there. Please give it a try, it's available on Visual Studio Gallery.

There are two major reasons for this switch. First, I was able to write the add-in with less than 350 lines of code. Second, it runs about a thousand times faster since I don't have to create the entire tree at once - you can now walk the tree for any path you want.

Project Description
Use DGML to visualize and analyze your TFS Work Items. Included is the ability to perform basic risk/impact analysis. It helps answer the question, "if I change this requirement, what is my potential impact to other requirements?"

Full documentation is available on the Documentation page here and I will be adding a more in-depth description of how this tool works from a technical standpoint. I will also document the list of known issues (there are a few that are mostly UI issues rather than functional issues at this point).


Additional Screenshots:
State Visualization
Work Item Visualization
Dependency Analysis

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